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October - Capoliveri

The Grape Festival represents for Capoliveri and for the whole Island of Elba a very important moment of aggregation. It develops along a weekend with a rich program of events - between serious and facetious - within everyone's reach.

The event, prepared in weeks of work, involves thousands of people every year and is dedicated to the ancient harvest, traditions, taste and authentic flavors of the island of Elba.

As tradition, sees competing in the four districts of Capoliveri: Fosso, Fortezza, Baluardo, Torre, in games, competitions and historical reconstruction of a moment of life in years past. A representation that was born from the desire to regain possession of their traditions and their culture, in which participants are at the same time creators, performers and interpreters in an evocative and authentic setting.

At the end of the three days of celebration is awarded the most beautiful setting that reproduces the ancient traditions of peasants and villages.

Grapes, wine and Capoliveri's traditions are the frame of this splendid event.