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Elban Cuisine

The flavors of Elba's cuisine are based on simple dishes, where imagination and wisdom in the choice of ingredients dominate, and it is precisely this cuisine, once considered poor, that today with the advent of tourism has become refined.

Particularly sought after are those dishes which require a long and complex preparation and among these, the most important is the stockfish in white, a sublime dish accompanied by salted anchovies.

The tasting of a good wine could not be missed, even though in the last fifty years the surface of vines on the island has been greatly reduced from 3,000 hectares to the current scarce 200.

In any case, Elba's wines are of excellent quality and since some years are controlled by the DOC mark, among them stand out: Elba Bianco, Elba Rosso, Rosè, Ansonica, Moscato and Aleatico (DOCG).