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Aleatico, The famous wine of Elba

Grapevine of Greek origin, imported by Romans and subsequently revalued by Napoleon Bonaparte, who increased its vineyards. It is a very particular wine and it is produced only in Elba and in Gradoli.

Its production is not so simple, in fact the grapes are left overripe on the vine for some weeks. Then they are dried on racks exposed to the sun for a variable period of days, turning them frequently. Then it is passed to the alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature. Subsequently, some wineries also go through the aging phase of 12-14 months in barriques before refining in bottle for more than 4 months.

Intense ruby red color with garnet reflections, stands out to the nose for the notes of dried fruit and jam. In the mouth it is smooth, round and warm. It goes well with chocolate desserts, the typical Elban pastries among which stands out the schiaccia briaca, and alone is an excellent meditation wine. Not to be missed!

In 2011 Aleatico dell'Elba was awarded the DOCG - Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita.